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The Allanna Pages
Allanna's Mystical Realm

Tread quietly....

These be the pages of the quiet, yet inticing realm of Allanna. Come, meet some of the characters in Allanna's land (and in her mun!) and visit some of the places Allanna likes to travel to. Sit back, and enjoy your visit here...

  • Meet the Lady Guinevere Lyania Rys'tao'mallorian, known to her friends as simply Gwen, or Vera on occasion. She stands meduim height, with waist length red curls, that never seem to stay all in one spot. Her eyes are large, green, and curious, always darting about. Her dress is simple, a pair of black breeches, a brown tunic and thigh high leather kidhide boots. A floor-length burgandy cape is tied about her shoulders, the hood usually tossed back, and a silver dagger and black sword hang always at her waist.

    As for her family life, she has none that she knows of. Her father, mother, and two sisters, Cassara, and Hollis, were all killed in a village raid when she was only a child of ten. Fleeing her small village of Flytillia, with her older brother, Tristan, they headed towards the only other place they knew of, RhyDin, which was far away, and took many months journey. Halfway to Rhydin, they were overtaken by a band of evil men, and in the course of fighting to save his sister's life, Tristan was murdered right before Gwen's eyes. Horrified and angry, Gwen grabbed her brother's bloodstained dagger and attacked the leader of the goup, bravely. The leader merely knocked her down. But before leaving her, he left a mark on her left shoulder: a deep gash which is still there to this day, to remind her always of her brother's murder.

    Alone and despondent, Gwen trudged toward RhyDin. She finally made it and settled down in a small elven village, name unkown at this time. Years passed, as Gwen turned from a poor child of ten, to a prosperous Lady of 19, and grew in beauty. Everything about her was flawless, except the black mark, resembling a wolf, on her upper arm, which she'd had since birth.

    One day, while walking through the woods to town, she was attacked by a group of thieves, meaning only to steal whatever valuables she had on her. Not knowing they meant no harm, Gwen screamed and ran, so they persued her, but not far. A stranger stepped from the woods and saved Gwen from harm. Then he turned to leave, having done his duty. Gwen called to him and he stopped and turned to face her.

    His hair was black, and long. His face was dark, rugged, yet the innocent blue eyes shone from it. His clothing was simple, yet he carried an air of great authority. He was by far the handsomest man Gwen had ever seen. And his arm carried the same mark as hers! Looking down at the mark, his eyes widened. They introduced themselves to each other. His name was Alec Tristan, and he was a Black Knight, as decreed by the Mark of the Wolf

    He took Gwen under his wing and taught her the ways of the Black Knight, giving her her own sword and teaching her it's powers. Eventually, Alec and Gwen fell in love, and Alec opened his heart to her, for the first time in years. But all good comes with some evil..

    For there was another Black Knight, an awful man, known as King Lufin, who ruled the entire country of Jeril. He sought to have all the swords for himself, and all the Black Knights killed, so as to take their power from them for his own dark purposes. He tracked the two lovers down and fought them. Alec won, and they escaped, but not for long.

    Finally, in a last desparate attempt to save Gwen, Alec sent her away, back to her home villiage of Flytillia, to wait for him there. Gwen waited in vain for weeks, but Alec never returned. Gwen went in search of him, but for naught. He had disappeared entirely. Gwen sank into a deep depression, which lasted a few years, and then finally started to come out of it. She began to start a new life, one without the very essence of her being, without her soul mate. It has been hard, but Gwen managed to get on with her life, and at the age of 24, is now settled in RhyDin, still looking for love....

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