My Snazzy List of Links! :)

Eekers Online!
My wonderful fiance's page, with lots of me on it!
Natalie Online
The strange biographical page of my best friend :)
A great place for free pages!
Etomology of Names
Look up any name you want, and get it's meaning!
Antonio Banderas
Visit this god of a man...:)
Batman and Robin
The 4th Batman movie, not the best, but awesome site
Drinking Games!
Best drinking games on the web!
Cyrano Server
Too shy to write your own love mail? Let Cyrano do it!
International Lyrics Server
Look up any song you need the lyrics to. A great database.
Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Homepage
Even if you're not a fan of these kooky Douglas Addams books, you'll get a kick!
How's about some sounds for the listening pleasure? :)

Pysco Barbie
Strange one here....
What you've been waiting for...:)
Many ways to say goodbye...(from Robin Hood: Men in Tights)
Don't Tug
This is from.....Buckaroo Banzai...:)
Oh, What A Circus
Antonio singing something from Evita....sigh....
Tim Taylor
Ok, we all know the famous Taylor grunt...
"Let's play..."
Matched his Meat..
Sandra B, a little confused, in Demolition Man..
Snake Man
Chandler, from friends..
Ahhh....another Antonio wave....

These are just a FEW of the MANY sound files I have. These are my favorites...:)

Coming soon! A link to my sound files! When, you ask? (No clue, I have to figure out how to do it first!) Stay tuned!

Congrats! You're the weirdo to knock around a little on Allanna's Page!!

Welcome   to   Gwenny's   Hideway!!

Well, ok, it's not really a hideaway cause you found me!! Welcome then, to the somewhat demented world of me, Gwenski! ;) Come, walk with me as we tour the craziest areas of my mind. Are you game?

Gwenners the odd......

Wanna mail me?! Go ahead! Welcome to the wacky, somewhat wild world of moi! Gwenny! Visit some of my awesome links! Look at some of my photos! And enjoy yourself here! (Well, it's still a bit under construction, be patient..)

I'm not much of a webpage person, but I'm learning! And my sweetie is helping a lot...:) HTML is really not all that hard once you learn it! Surprisingly enough...heh heh heh....Write me, if you'd like, and tell me what you think of the page so far! Hey, have any comments? Tell 'em to me! I could use help!! Giggle...Well, you can email me anyway! I'm a nice person!!

Anyone reading this page role-play? :) Well, so do I..

Betcha you're all wondering what my darling and I look like....oh come on, I know you're dying...:)....well,'s a picture....look down.....

That was me and my man.....ain't he CUTE??? You can visit his page, and hear ALL about me, if you'd like, if you haven't heard enough about me already! :) He's bout the sweetest man I've EVER known....MMM...mmmm...mmmmmm.....::chuckle:: On to his page....all the pics of us are there, including the one's I stole (like the one you just looked at...:) )

Let's see....what else do you need to know 'bout me? I'm 17 (going on 10...), my favorite movies are Evita, Pirates of Penzance, One Fine Day, Fools Rush In, and Conspiracy Theory..(Mel Gibson!), I was Queen of my Junior Prom (my honey was King...Thanx again Aim!!), our song (mine and Eric's) is "I've Had The Time Of My Life"....or "In Your Eyes", by Peter's a toss up...Speaking of Peter, wanna hear a small clip from OUR song? Of course you do!! :)

Your Eyes

Well, that was OUR song....hmmm.....let's see...what else....Hmm...::thinking way too hard...:: I like kitties and ferrets....if you want to get me anything for my birthday, Send me a CAR!!! :) Or money...or anything you darn well want!! Ok...I'm crazy into acting, I want to be an actress extremely badly...:) (Stealing an idea from my best friend..) Any directors or anything reading this page, yeah right, ;), check out my resume.

Thanks for visiting the page!!!!! BYE BYE!!!!

For your veiwing pleasure, another picture of me and my baby, before you get back to surfing...:)

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